The Day – 05.05.12

Leslie & Kenyon

The bow!

I do not think anything in life prepares you for when your niece gets married. My only niece, Leslie, recently got married. It was a beautiful day. She looked lovely (big shout out to her best friend Sheila for making sure I took a photo of the bow!!!) I got to see lots of family whom I had not seen in years and babies I had never met. I even spun around the dance floor with my five year old grand niece who has an abundant amount of energy.

Did I cry? Well, I did get a little emotional during the beginning of the father and daughter dance. By the time they moved into James Brown, I was back together…hehe!

It was also a time of reflection as I had wished my parents were there to share in this great day. I think both of my moms and my dad would have been especially proud of the outstanding woman that their granddaughter has become. I was in my sophomore year of high school when Leslie was born. I remember the first time she came to visit us. We had recently gotten a new puppy named Wolfgang and my mother was proud to show that she had a new baby too…LOL!!

I am proud of you, Leslie, and I love you. I know you will continue to do great things and have lots of fun doing them. Dream big.

Kenyon, love you man and welcome to the family. XOXO

You can more photos of this beautiful day, here. I will continue to add photos to this set.

P.S. I am proud of my nephew, Larry, too!!!

  • Gwen - LOVE the new look. LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo — it looks so oldschool wedding. Congratulations to your family.

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